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The one building type that we all understand.  These are the places where we sleep, laugh, and dream. Where we do these things plays a very important part in our lives. We all need a place to call home.  These homes vary from small extensions and single-family dwellings to large colourful apartment buildings for over 100 families.


These projects range from boutique hotels in Berkshire to large conference hotels in the Midlands and everything in between.  The beauty of hotels is the variety of spaces they require, and the opportunities that brings.  The challenge is providing these important front of house spaces with equally important servicing... all  while trying to minimise the overlap between the two.  

Sketches + Ideas

Architecture, and the creation of new buildings and spaces is incredibly stimulating, rewarding, and challenging. For a variety of reasons many great ideas never evolve and turn into actual built structures. Like many creative endeavours, much of what we do ends up on the cutting room floor. These images represent a handful of great ideas we've had over the years...well worth sharing. 

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