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Katara Hotel, Doha

The brief for this resort hotel in Doha sought the creation of an iconic structure, housing 350 bedrooms and every imaginable amenity on a beachfront sight overlooking the Arabian Sea.  Along with those considerations our schematic design and analysis phase included close study of other relevant factors including geography, climate and sun, views, and the holy city of Mecca.

What emerged was a collection, a collection of buildings that would mirror the iconic collections of people who form indelible images in this part of the world.  We were struck particularly by the groups of men congregating in their white thawbs and women in black burqas. The simple yet elegant forms, coupled with the stark contrast of black and white forms a singularly arresting image and, it turns out, beautiful inspiration for our concept:  a collection of people gathered, all dressed for prayer and leaning gently in the direction of Mecca.


Beach view

View at Podium Level


Typical Floor Plan

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