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My Approach

I've been fascinated by buildings, and have wanted to design them since I was ten years old.  Since then, all I've wanted to do for a living is be an architect, and for the last 21 years that is all I have done, at some of the country's best practices, including KPF, RHWL, Aedas and 3DReid.  I enjoy the challenge of looking at a site or existing building and turning it into something special.  The process is often complicated and always full of opportunities but I never begin with preconceived ideas  of what the building should be.  Instead, I listen to my clients in order to understand their aspirations. I then analyse the context and carefully begin to assess those opportunities through dialogue, sketches, and other imagery, and slowly the appropriate solution begins to emerge.  Be it a bold iconic statement or a more restrained proposal, the same creative, yet methodical approach is applied which has enabled me to create the beautiful buildings and projects exhibited on this website.  With the creation of this new company, Corrie Jones Architecture, and with the support of some great young architects, I hope to create many more stunning and sustainable buildings for those who share my passion and belief that buildings can...and should be beautiful. 

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