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Purley House


This stunning transformation includes a contemporary extension replacing an existing old conservatory and a complete internal refurbishment. We have replaced the tired faux-Victorian conservatory with a new aluminium framed wrap-around glass facade, with doors spilling out onto an enlarged terrace with charcoal balustrading. The floor plan retains the formal dining room, but the living room has been opened up, kitchen rationalised and the garage converted into a new private office. The main entrance now provides connectivity through-out the ground floor; the spaces imbued with a sense of subtle elegance.  With a palette of warm timber flooring, muted hues, and plenty of foliage leading the eye to the stunning views of the garden and valley beyond, the composition really is one of beauty.

Upstairs the bedroom sizes have been reapportioned for the creation of a new master-suite with ensuite, and a new shower room and additional storage space, of which the previous layout severely lacked.  

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