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Southampton Hotel

This building on Southampton’s high street is currently home to a mix of tenants, including an Argos on the ground floor and various short-term lessees above.   Seeking to take advantage of the constant influx of visitors to this charming coastal town, the client purchased the building with plans to convert it into a lifestyle hotel.  ​We were tasked with developing a feasibility study illustrating the transformation of this complicated structure, with its deep floor plates, into a 100-bedroom hotel.  A simple new facade was a cost-effective exterior solution and served to offset the significant work required to produce workable floor plans.

Existing High Street view


Proposed High Street view


Fourth Floor

On the top floor a roof terrace is provided to the rear of the building, and additional volume is now added in a roof extension. This floor now introduces long stay apartments as we go up the building, affording guests great views out over the city and the seafront beyond.

southampton-2 (2).jpg

Typical Floors

Comprised of Standard and Superior Studios which fill the floorplate, while introducing a large light-well/courtyard into the building with two smaller ones, further bringing natural daylight into the scheme.

Typical Floors

Provides four distinct entry points for the following:

• Primary Hotel Entrance

• Secondary Hotel / F+B Entrance

• Ground Floor Retail Tenant

• Receiving / Servicing / Refuse Collection

A flexible bar and restaurant are provided,

generous kitchen and admin space

Ground Floor


Split between car parking, accessed via a car lift, Back-of-House Space and Supplemental space which could be provided to the retail tenants, or possibly as amenity for the hotel, such as a gym.


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