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Beddington House

This very exciting project is the transformation of a small and run-down house into a beautiful large family home.  Situated opposite Beddington Park, and overlooking the River Wandle, the house has been increased in size by 80%, the design is one of restrained sophisticaton.  We have provided a clean, crisp front facade incoporating the existing garage, and added a double-storey extension to the side and rear as well as a new second floor extension.  With fresh render, charcoal slate and clean detailing this new home will be a beautiful transformation within the terrace.


Internally as well as externally we want to create beauty. The heart of this house is the kitchen and living space, where the family can gather for meals, big or small or just a cup of tea. It is  a big bright and beautiful space, full of joy and laughter.

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