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Portsmouth Hotel

With this project the developer client wished to enhance (but not disrupt!) its bustling retail business at Gunwharf Quays with a new luxury hotel.  So as not to disturb existing retail and food & beverage operations, we placed the new hotel entrance, restaurant, and bar on a raised first floor, accessed via escalators from the ground floor retail court.

ground-colour- Model0206.jpg

Ground Floor - Retail + Public Realm

First Floor - Entrance, Bar + Restaurant

Typical Floor - Bedrooms + Suites

Looming above, the hotel’s fifteen floors of bedrooms and suites are arranged so as to evoke the hull of a ship, the towering facade a colossal white sail billowing in the wind.  And on top, a magnificent sky-bar awaits, welcoming guests to a 360 degree view of the harbour.

Sketch of Ground Floor Retail + Public Realm

Kit-of-Parts of key building components

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