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Newmarket Hotel


This project presented the dual tasks of refurbishing the original Rutland Arms Hotel, a charming Grade II listed structure, and replacing its uninspired, awkward 1970s addition with a brand new annex.  Ever mindful of the historic site within a conservation area, our design process demanded disciplined referral to the surrounding structures, relatively small in scale and domestic in design.

Existing Rous Road View

Rear-view-photo-060220 (1).jpg

Proposed Rous Road View

Preliminary Concept Sketches

 During a series of workshops, we studied the articulation, fenestration, colour, and materials keeping only what would remain true to the existing vernacular.  Materials under consideration included red brick, dark timber, clay tiled roofs, and buff, smooth, and rough stonework.  We experimented with dormers, gables, flat roofs, mansard roofs, and shallow pitches.

Elevation Studies


Palace Street Sketch - Existing

Palace Street Sketch - Proposed

Our new proposal as viewed from along Palace Street manages to fit within the general volumetric envelope of the buildings, yet with a much more intentional and commanding presence. For the palette we settled on a light coloured cream brickwork for the body of the building which will serve as a neutral canvas alongside which some stronger materials can sit, the first being darker and warmer rough-cut gault brickwork, with the dormers, and window details being a dark grey aluminium.  The combination of these elements and materials has created a striking building, right at home amongst its older neighbours.


Palace Street View

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